Junior Programs

Red Lobsters

Ages 3-4

A great way to start kids off to a lifetime of fun. Classes stress motor skills, coordination, fun, and movement.

Red Robins

Ages 5-6

This is an introductory tennis class for beginners. The ages range from 5 & 6 years of age. Working on a ¾ length court players use colorful age appropriate balls and look to further progress all strokes with the use of fun games and drills. Instructors incorporate games that improve hand-eye co-ordination, racket skills, and movement.

Red Sea Stars

Ages 7-8

This is a tennis clinic for beginning tennis players. These players also practice on a smaller than regulation court using color-coded balls that are correct for their development as tennis players. Players in this group work on basic skills and begin rallying and playing matches. The ages range from 7 & 8 years of age. These weekly clinics teach groundstroke fundamentals, volleys, overhead, and the serve. All classes include games that help students to utilize their skills in scoring situations.

Orange Foxes

Ages 9-10

This is an introductory tennis clinic for beginners. The ages range from 9 & 10 years of age. These weekly clinics teach the fundamentals of the forehand, backhand, forehand volley, backhand volley, overhead, and serve. Whether we are introducing strokes to a student for the first time or fine-tuning the ones they already have, it is our goal to create as positive an experience as possible. We begin the class with ground strokes and then apply the skills learned to games in a fun atmosphere that helps to keep kids engaged while learning games, etiquette, and basic strategies.

Green Geckos

This junior development program is a series of lessons where technique is a priority as students work on developing skills through a positive learning experience and with a sense of accomplishment. Certified tennis professionals provide a great learning environment for their developmental learning stages. Players focus on movement, balance, footwork, serving the ball, swing motions, making contact, grips, and stroke development. As players continue to improve additional skill sets will focus on coordinating movement and balance, and hitting the ball with purpose and direction. Game concepts and scoring are also a part of this program.

Red Dragons (Coach Approval Needed)

This program is designed to build the fundamentals of a great little player. Players continue to build upon skills they learned in their previous classes. They work on movement, basic strokes, and tactics in a safe and fun environment. This class trains players with the red tennis ball. Once rally skills are in place, this level focuses on stroke technique by presenting new skills in real play.

Orange Tigers and Green Vipers (Coach Approval Needed)

Once rally skills are in place, this level focuses on stroke technique by presenting new skills in real play. Players are able to see the immediate application of the technical “solutions” the coaches are stressing, greatly speeding up the learning process. This class prepares students for the pre-tournament program. The degree of intensity is increased as these players are prepared for a higher level of tennis.

Green Gecko Drill and Play (Coach Approval Needed)

Ages 11 & over
Children who display the physical, cognitive, and natural talents necessary to prosper on the tennis court, and advance further in the academy’s programs are invited to this level. Children in this program are expected to participate in at least two training sessions per week and maintain consistent growth within the group. On-court training development, thorough technical foundation for each tennis stroke, strategies and rules of this sport are the emphasis of this program. Our goal is to instill a solid work ethic and discipline to be successful on and off the court.

Pre-tournament Developing Tournament Player

Two days per week

Continuing stroke work, drills, match play, games with more difficult drills than the beginner program, and a more competitive atmosphere is the goal at this level. As with all of our programs, we strive to keep the classes fun and exciting while working on strokes and competitive placement drills. The second half of the clinic is set aside for match play, competitive games, and fitness. Classes conclude with light fitness designed to develop and improve footwork, lateral movement, and overall speed.

Tournament Player Program

Two days per week

Player development is the primary focus of this program. Together our students and coaches create a serious and positive environment in which our players can improve and be successful. This is for competitive and focused players. We strive to help our students become successful competitors and tournament players. Students participate in daily set, match play, competitive live ball, and fed ball drills. Physical fitness is also further developed as players work in small groups with coaches and physical trainers

High Performance Tennis Academy

Five days per week

A combination of fed ball drills, live ball drills, competitive drills, match play, physical and mental conditioning permits each junior to develop the necessary technical, tactical, physical and mental skills to reach their potential. High Performance Elite programs are structured to create balance between skill development, competition, fun and camaraderie. This invitation only program is for competitive players and is designed to develop a healthy and successful relationship for competition and life in general. Whether your ambitions are to be on your high school tennis team or earn a college scholarship, we will help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals.