Recreational Programs

At High Performance Sports Management, we work hard to raise the standards of today’s competitive juniors in both private and group lessons, in a fun and constructive atmosphere. It’s our belief that it takes a tremendous amount of commitment from kids to work at their form every day. It’s for this reason that we believe they should get the most out of every practice, but that they should also have fun. After all, they are still kids!

High Performance Programs

The High Performance tennis program is top-notch training program designed for elite players to help them achieve their goals in the world of tournament tennis. This program has been created and perfected by Angie Zguna and Adrian Zgunis. Angie is a former WTA world-ranked tennis player who knows what it takes to become a world class tennis player. Adrian is a former ATP touring professional who reached a ranking of 432. This program is limited to students of High Performance Sports Management and taught by select coaches who have competitive experience at the junior, collegiate and professional levels.

Adult Tennis Programs

We’re proud to offer tennis lessons for adults of all ages and levels. We have beginning through advanced lessons, including private, semi-private, clinics and classes. Whether you’re looking for a cardio workout or want to improve your game, we have a program for you!